Wayne Rich - 9'0 Pro Mod II

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9'0 x 22 x 2 7/8

Single fin box + FCS Side Bites. Fins not included.

3/8" Bass Stringer

6+4/6 Sanded Gloss

Diamond Tail

This two-plus-one longboard has high-performance characteristics in two-to-eight foot surf, but its moderate rocker provides the flow and comfortable slide of a solid, well-balanced longboard. The Pro Mod 2 features a mid board trim point with old school rails turned up in the nose, then morphs into a 70/30 down soft rail and a tucked edge the last 24—providing what is considered more of a contemporary performance rail. Under the front end is a beveled concave for noseriding lift in the pocket that won’t slow you down when gunning it from the midpoint or off the tail.