Wayne Rich - 9'3 Wildcard 3

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9'3 x 22 1/2 x 3 

Single fin box. Fins not included.

6+6/6 Sanded Gloss

Moon Tail

When Wayne set out to build a log that could make sub-par conditions into something super fun, the result was the Wildcard - 3. From six-inches to head high, this all-around log is the ultimate noseriding platform, thanks in part to its generous volume in just the right places. The Wildcard - 3 has all the things you love about old logs, but it turns with ease because of its low, foiled rails which helps it effortlessly rotate over on rail and penetrate into the turn without feeling sketchy. If you want to keep things traditional, post stylish tens and do casual re-directs, then this is the longboard for you.