6'1 MBM FCS2 - Used Team Board

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6'1" x 18 3/8 x 21/4

FCS2 Thruster set-up, fins not included

TL/SO 4S/4 glass job

Designed for Kiron Jabour

The MBM was formerly one of our top-selling shortboards. It is designed for decent to good waves. Kiron rode this board all around Portugal in right point breaks.

Decent condition a few pressure dents

Originally developed with Bobby Martinez in 2004, the M-BM became a popular board for advanced surfers over the next five years. The M-BM has a full rail and plenty of volume in the nose and tail to make it user friendly Likes to be surfed vertical and in the pocket. Relatively flat under the front foot to a double concave/vee combo out the back. Custom order only.