5'11 Rocket Wide Squash - FCSII

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5'11 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8

FCSII thruster fin setup, fins NOT included.

UL/SO 4+4/4 glassing layup

Squash Tail

Volume: 34.4L

The Rocket Wide has been one of our most versatile and popular boards and this new version only enhances its qualities.

"Adding the squash tail to the Rocket Wide has given me a whole new perspective on the design. Ultimately what I love most about the Rocket Wide is how much speed it carries through a ride, and the squash really allows you to round out your turns and create smooth lines on the wave with all that speed. It has been a blast feeling that freshness under my feet and stoked to have it as part of my daily quiver to ride!!!" 

- Dane Gudauskas