INT 5'6 Mini -s2

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5'6 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8

Futures tri fin, fins not included

Soft deck/Hard bottom

Volume: 29.5L

The Channel Islands X INT Shaper's Series surfboards represent the latest evolution in hybrid design and construction.  We began with a complete rethinking of the fabrication of these boards, from the blank up.  The core is 100% recyclable, American-made, Marko foam; specifically designed for optimum strength and performance in a soft board application.  We opted for sustainable bamboo strings for their favorable strength to weight characteristics, allowing for a solid board feel on a soft deck.  The epoxy resin used on the board bottom is formulated for maximum strength, responsiveness, and durability.  While the board outlines and rockers are precision-cut on CNC machines, the rail foil and final concave are hand-shaped on each and every board.  By combining proven Channel Islands designed and unparalleled INT soft board construction technology, these boards are redefining what a soft board is and what they can do.