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Timmy Curran on CNN's Larry King Live

Timmy Curran on CNN

Known as one of the world’s best surfers and a talented musician, Timmy Curran showed he’s just as passionate about protecting our environment and our oceans when he appeared last night on CNN’s “Larry King Live” telethon “Disaster In The Gulf: How You Can Help.” Curran worked the phone bank alongside numerous celebrities including Kathy Griffin (photo below) and even donated a signed surfboard and copy of his latest album VerseS and surf film “The Union Express.” Recently on tour with his band, Curran performed in the Gulf region and even surfed the local waters, so he felt a personal connection to the area and offered to lend his name to the cause. “I was honored to be there,” said Curran. “I know at times it’s easy to feel helpless about this tragedy, but I was excited to hear so much positive energy and hope from all of the callers, it was a special night to be part of the effort.” The evening raised over $1.8 million for three charities supporting the region.