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Timmy Curran Board Demo: Riding a Semi Pro

Video by Kyle Maclennan
Music by Alive At 27 “Firecracker” album-Less Angeles.

Semi Pro Dimensions

Height: 5’10
Width: 18 5/16
Thickness: 2 3/16

Timmy Curran Dimensions

My Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Deck Pad: Nate Tyler Design
Fins: Futures AM2 Techflex by Channel Islands

Timmy Curran's Semi Pro

Timmy Curran on the Semi Pro:

Well, no one can ride this board as well as Slats himself. I’ve personally watched him take out boards that I barely could get to my feet, and he made them look like he was riding magic boards. Dead serious… So I knew there was a chance that I was going to struggle on his model. Even though it looks pretty normal, you never really know what secret concave or rocker that only works for him. I am willing to bet that he has never made a board with hopes people like it. I think he makes boards that are magical for him and him only. If he made a board that was really good for everyone, then he may give his competitors some sort of advantage. Not gonna happen…

Anyways, I don’t have to sell anyone on his skills. What’s funny is I really liked it, the board had a lot of drive and held in really well in punchy beach breaks. The nose on the board brought me back a few years due to it’s narrowness. The rocker is really good, I like quite a bit of rocker in my boards for a few reasons. One is that they fit in the pocket of the wave, which is good being from where I live. Also a board with a good amount of rocker spins out of airs really well, seems to keep the fins out of the water if you are spinning out of an air. I would recommend this board and shape in waves with some power. I used it in slower mushy point surf and waves and it lost it’s spunk, or I did. I used the AM2 by Futures Fins. If you are looking for a good summer board, and are looking to get a Semi Pro I would maybe try one as a quad. The definitely go much faster in slower mushy surf. See you in the water! Please excuse typos, head snaps, not going right, booties, scenery, brevity.

Timmy Curran's Semi Pro