The land of baguettes, fine wines and nudist beaches ~ part 1

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The land of baguettes, fine wines and nudist beaches ~ part 1

The Quiksilver Pro France is set to kick off and everyone’s psyching to be back to the the land of baguettes and heaving beach break tubes!! The last few days certainly did not disappoint, with light offshore tubes and head high + swell, these guys and gals sure have it rough!! ha, jk!

Nat Young- 5’11 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 26.5L Rook15

nat-young-511-x-18-12-x-2-516-26-5l-morant_france16_15535 Nat Young, Hossegor nat-young-511-x-18-12-x-2-516-26-5l-morant_france16_15619

Conner Coffin, Hossegor

Conner- 5’11 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 Proton

conner-511-x-18-12-x-2-516-proton-morant_france16_14908 Conner Coffin, Hossegor conner-511-x-18-12-x-2-516-proton-morant_france16_14826Conner Coffin, Hossegor

Zeke Lau, Hossegor

Zeke Lau- 6’0 x 19 x 2 1/2 29.7L Proton


Jordy Smith, Hossegor

Jordy Smith- 6’1 1/2 x 19 x 2 1/2 31L Girabbit

Jordy Smith, HossegorJordy Smith, Hossegor

Nikki Van Djyk, Hossegor

Nikki van Dijk- 5’9 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/8 Rook15



Kanoa Igarashi- 5’10 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 26.1L Rook15


Photos by Ryan Miller & Trevor Moran