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Greatest Contest Surfing Ever? Kelly says, YES. The ocean was alive for the final day of the Billabong Pro Tahiti at the End of the Road, and heat after heat the ocean and competitors joined forces for a wondrous spectacle. The most anticipated heat of the day Kelly Slater vs. John Florence was all that and more! John John rode four waves and Kelly rode three pitting them in a dead tie with John John’s attempted buzzer beater falling just shy. Per ASP rules the count back went to the highest single wave score and Kelly’s perfect 10 gave him...

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16 year old Channel Islands team rider Frankie Harrer charging Teahupoo in May 2014. Filmed/Edited: Morgan Maassen

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The Gudauskas brothers, with Surfline's knowledge, coordinated a trip to the South Pacific -- packed up and on the plane in 24 hours

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Parker, "For Tahiti standards, we didn’t score, but in all of our minds we were having the times of our lives."

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Kelly will be experimenting with a few different Fred Rubbles and Semi Pros for the Billabong Pro Tahiti

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