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I caught up with Pat right after a physical therapy appointment for his recent ankle injury sustained at the Rip Curl Pro Search event in San Francisco…

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Pat Guduaskas pulls out a huge rodeo flip but busts his ankle, Knox finishes 3rd and Kelly wins his 11th world title

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Category_Kelly Slater, ke11y, Kelly Slater, Rip Curl Pro Search, San Francisco, World Title -

Kelly wins on his 5’9″ x 18 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ rounded pin Fred Rubble. Congrats from everyone at CI!

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Category_Kelly Slater, Category_Quivers, Kelly Slater, Quivers, Rip Curl Pro Search, San Francisco -

Kelly's coming to Ocean Beach prepared. He's got his 5'9", but he's also traveling with a 6'5" -- just in case the North Pacific decides to deliver.

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Category_Dane Reynolds, Category_Quivers, Dane Reynolds, Ocean Beach, Proton, Quivers, Rip Curl Pro Search, San Francisco -

Hey! Dane's surfing in the Rip Curl Pro Search, beard and all. These are his five favs for Ocean Beach

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