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Kiron Jabour ripping and charging during the winter of 2013-14. (Filmed and Edited by: Ryan De Seixas)

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As the leaves start to fall, you know North Shore season is just around the corner. Large North Pacific, purple blobs march their way south in perfect formation

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Kiron scores perfect left handers spinning along a sandy point in Dusty Eyes and Purple Skies

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Kiron Jabour. 19 years old. Born in Brazil, but now resides on the North Shore, right near the long rights of Laniakea. Four days ago, Kiron won the Quiksilver Pro WQS event at Puerto Escondido.

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Check out the NSSA highlights!!! Great job to all the kids on a sick weekend of surfing.. Kiron Jabour took two wins on his 6-1 mbm+, Conner got a close second in open juniors on his Proton and a fourth place finish in Open Mens, and Lakey Peterson pulled off the first aerial ever(Check it on Here) in the Womens division at Nationals, locking in a 9 point ride on her first wave of the final and securing the win in the Open Womens division on her proton. Kanoa was doing some nuts airs and tricks in his 4-11...

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