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Travis Lee of Channel Islands breaks down Jordy’s winning Lowers board Jordy Smith Height: 6’3” (190.5 cm) Weight: 189 lbs. (85.73 kg) Shaper: Channel Islands Model: Girabbit Length: 6’1” Width: 19.25” Thickness: 2.63” Volume: 31.8 Tail: Squash Fins: Futures Am-2 Height: 4.73″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Foil: Flat Was Jordy’s board made specifically for the Hurley Pro? Yeah, this board was made specifically for Lowers. It was actually ordered, cut, shaped, glassed and ridden within 24 hours of breaking his magic 6’1″ that he originally wanted to ride in the event, but broke the morning of the first day of...

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There was a moment in his post-Semi interview when Jordy Smith’s will almost seemed to buckle. He was clearly relieved to be in the Final—against John John Florence, who’d just smacked Kelly Slater in their Semifinal—and the close observer might have thought: “Ah, Jordy you’re a little too happy to be there.” Probably not the best mindset to take into the Hurley Pro Final. Did Jordy not hear Ross Williams chastise Johanne Defay earlier for feeling the same way in the Semifinal heat she soundly lost? Was the same thing happening with Jordy? Jordy almost shut up anybody thinking along...

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Back-to-back Jeffrey’s Bay champion Jordy Smith has a special place in his heart for J-Bay. On the day before the J-Bay Open Jordy shares his personal connection with his homeland and one of the world’s best waves. Video Source: O’Neill

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If you watched the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach contest yesterday you saw the epic combination of maneuvers Jordy Smith put together on his final wave during Round 5. This was a prime example of surfing at its finest… right? Kelly Slater said: Jordy’s wave was one of the best waves I’ve ever seen ridden So with that being said, how do you feel about the judges scores and Mick Fanning winning the title at Bells? Do YOU agree? Dooma Fahrenfort’s Bells Beach assessment stated: The judges need a check up from the neck up, f’real.” Check out the full...

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Jordy Smith has regained his form, using his powerful frame in the solid surf to land a 5th place at the Margaret River Pro, held in Western Australia over the weekend. Article Source: Craig Jarvis ǀ Photo: © ASP/Cestari & ASP/Kirstin ǀ Video: TeamONeill – Read the full article here.

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