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Right now the Coffin Brothers are doing that same thing we all are right now, staying at home and keeping some distance for the time being. During these past several weeks they got inspired to pull together some of their favorite moments from Hawaii’s past couple of seasons and are now sharing it in this new edit: Hawaii Highs. The boards ridden in this video include the Fever, Happy, Happy Step-Up as well as customs. If you’d like to build your own custom right here on the site, please try our Custom Board Builder. Curious about lead times? Write us...

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As the leaves start to fall, you know North Shore season is just around the corner. Large North Pacific, purple blobs march their way south in perfect formation

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Parker's performances at Pipeline continue to grow as he gets more and more experience. The latest episode from, the youngwisetails.com

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Parker shreds Rockies and drives through some big Sunset barrels on his Semi Pros and step ups

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