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Travis Lee of Channel Islands breaks down Jordy’s winning Lowers board Jordy Smith Height: 6’3” (190.5 cm) Weight: 189 lbs. (85.73 kg) Shaper: Channel Islands Model: Girabbit Length: 6’1” Width: 19.25” Thickness: 2.63” Volume: 31.8 Tail: Squash Fins: Futures Am-2 Height: 4.73″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Foil: Flat Was Jordy’s board made specifically for the Hurley Pro? Yeah, this board was made specifically for Lowers. It was actually ordered, cut, shaped, glassed and ridden within 24 hours of breaking his magic 6’1″ that he originally wanted to ride in the event, but broke the morning of the first day of...

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