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TransWorld Editor tears up Australia on Conner Coffin's new CI model, Fred Rubble

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Chippa Wilson arrived in California to a stash of brand new Al Merricks. Fresh boards deserve a bit of color. Nothing brings out the creative juices like a few Coronas and some nice astro-turf. Chippa let me loose on his brand new dumpster diver, so I drew up a quick snorkle-pig. It seemed fitting considering the fatty dimensions of the fresh sled Read the full story on AnalogClothing.com

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Checkout Evan Geiselman riding his Dumpster Diver during a training session at the Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida. With a continuous flow of waves and a small air section on the inside, this gave the crew a perfect opportunity to work on specific grabs and progressive maneuvers. Listen to Evan and Brother’s commentary and check out the video at the end on Surfline.com.

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