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Today, Burton Snowboards has agreed to terms for the sale of Channel Islands Surfboards brand to CI Surfboards LLC, which is led by Britt Merrick and comprised of senior members of the Channel Islands management team, employees and teamriders. “For my family and all of us at Burton, this is a very happy ending to Burton’s chapter in the Channel Islands Surfboards’ history,” said Donna Carpenter, owner of Burton Snowboards. “We look forward to the day when CI returns home to the Merrick family, and we know the brand will be in good hands with Britt Merrick, Scott Anderson and...

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When the water temps drop in California, Taylor Knox perks up. Dormant breaks come to life, conditions switch offshore, and Taylor thrives off being in the right spot at the right time. Suit up with T Knox, and see why Surfing Is Everything to him. (Taylor’s personal Zeus surfboard is: 6’0 x 11.78 x 19 x 14.67 x 2 1/2 and 29.6L) Video Source: Rip Curl / Film & Edit: Justin Jung

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Essential Equipment: Dane Reynolds’ Sperm Whale. “There is something incomprehensible, something a little mystical about this surfboard, something that makes it paradoxically easy to ride, but difficult to master. How did it appear? Let’s ask Reynolds, the shaper.” “Thomas (Campbell) was doing a book and wanted to take pictures of me shaping a board that I would bring and ride in Morocco ’cause he thought that was a cool thread for the book. He did the same with Alex (Knost), too. I ended up hurting my knee and didn’t go to Morocco, but anyways, I had shaped three boards free-form...

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Travis Lee of Channel Islands breaks down Jordy’s winning Lowers board Jordy Smith Height: 6’3” (190.5 cm) Weight: 189 lbs. (85.73 kg) Shaper: Channel Islands Model: Girabbit Length: 6’1” Width: 19.25” Thickness: 2.63” Volume: 31.8 Tail: Squash Fins: Futures Am-2 Height: 4.73″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Foil: Flat Was Jordy’s board made specifically for the Hurley Pro? Yeah, this board was made specifically for Lowers. It was actually ordered, cut, shaped, glassed and ridden within 24 hours of breaking his magic 6’1″ that he originally wanted to ride in the event, but broke the morning of the first day of...

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Suggested retail price will drop by $40

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