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Tom returns to surf Curren's point during Typhoon Wipha after a 20 year hiatus. This go around, he brings his daughter Leeann for the ride.

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The first issue of Salted hits newsstands.

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Twenty-two-year-old LeeAnn Curren is all you’d expect from a Curren offspring. She plays music, she makes films, she gets barreled. She is quite the underrated talent factory.

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This is the story of difference paths that cross in the favela of Titanzinho, North Brasil. Lee-ann Curren, a professional surfer from Biarritz, France, goes there for the first time to visit her boyfriend’s family. She discovers a reality that she had never seen before. Andre Silva, a professional surfer who grew up in the favela, goes back after many trips around the world and tries to help younger surfers. For kids, surfing is almost the only way to escape from poverty and drugs…. this is the teaser of the documentary.

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