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“Remember Hurricane Matthew? Remember the hype? The damage? The stories and the photos? Well, the craziness has since subsided, but emerged from the chaos is the video you see above. Watch Dylan Graves and Dillon Perillo navigate their way through the Caribbean while negotiating with the brute force that Matthew had to offer. From wild stormsurf, to rippable peaks, to heaving tubes, the duo and some Puerto Rican company found themselves a few gems for the memory banks until the next big storm. Enjoy Post Tropical Depression.” Dillon– 5’7 x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8 27.2L Rocket9 5’10 x...

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Dillon Perillo and Morgan Maassen have been working together for the past few months on this film showcasing Dillon’s surfing and personality. This short video has a great combo of amazing surfing and cinematography. The film was supported by Monster Energy allowing the boys to travel to Nicaragua and Mexico to gather epic footage. Film by: Morgan Maassen

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Dillon flows through the Rincon crowd and then escapes to a local beachie

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In SURFING Magazine's new column, Tiger vs. Bear, two surfers are pitted against one another and they ask you to vote to determine who wins. Will it be the tiger or the bear?

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