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Dane Reynolds. Photo: Sherm
Dane Reynolds. Photo: Sherm

What’s the world’s most exciting surfer do to make surfing more exciting? Apart from higher airs, faster spins and a whole lot of rail, Dane Reynolds has been crafting the vessels beneath his feet. Not all of them, of course. Channel Islands shoulders most of that responsibility. But during down days at home he has hacked, tweaked and honed between 20 and 25 boards. With a nod to the past and the goal of shaping a proper thruster, Dane’s taking his love for board design into his own hands. —Taylor Paul

DANE: I shaped my first board maybe five years ago and it turned out really bad. I didn’t really get into it for a while after that, but I guess I got really psyched after I read the Michael Peterson book. Back then it seemed like you were only as good as your shaping skills. And everyone was riding new equipment so I got kind of inspired from that. It’s pretty fun, but I’m really a novice.