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Stabmag: Full Frame, Parker Coffin

A few days back, when the Volcom Pipe Pro was still in its waiting period, but when it was in the midst of some consecutive Lei Days, competitors were out on the hunt. Parker Coffin, pictured here, along with Mitch Coleborn and Dillon Perillo all checked into Haleiwa, the only place that was of decent quality.

“Seems like there are two types of kids these days, the cocky, too-cool grom and the humble grom,” says photog Ryan Miller, who captured this sequence. “Parker is definitely the latter. Perillo and Mitch would talk shit to him all day long and he takes it with a smile every time like a 17 year old kid should. He is still a few years out from doing the WQS event at Haleiwa but Mitch was coaching him up out there already. With this kind of form I think he won’t have too much trouble out there.”