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Dane Reynolds
Photo: DJ Struntz

From Stab issue 65: Are we not creating some kind of (perhaps dubious) world record with all the photos of Dane Reynolds in this issue? But Stab is nothing but a mirror to your, and to our, desires. This photo was taken during a week-long trip to Nova Scotia, off Canada’s east coast, where the biggest, cleanest hurricane swell in memory was meant to hit land. “The swell of the century,” DJ was told. But the hurricane lingered over cold water too long and its strength was diluted. Therefore, Dane and his travel pal Craig Anderson weren’t thrilled to’ve travelled a zillion miles to surf uninspiring three footers. “If Dane and Craig are into it, they can make waves look incredible,” says DJ. “But, if they’re not, they’re not going to be motivated to surf. They’re not going to chase their tails to push it.”

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