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Well known and respected within the surfing world, it goes without saying that Al Merrick has given an abundant amount to the surf community; Now, the time has come for the surf community to rally together and show some love and support for the Merrick family.

Al’s eight-year-old granddaughter Daisy Love Merrick, after undergoing six surgeries and twenty-two rounds of chemotherapy, is currently battling cancer for the third time. As Daisy embarks on the next steps of her treatment, she will be facing several additional rounds of chemotherapy, in addition to a stem cell transplant with progressive treatments in both the United States and Israel. The estimated cost of Daisy’s treatment not covered by insurance is expected to total close to half a million dollars.

This is where you come in. On September 1, 2012, beginning at 9 am, groups around the country will meet to hold a paddle-a-thon, at which group photos will be taken and sent to the Merrick family and someone will say a prayer for Daisy before the group paddles a preset distance.

The group behind the Paddle For Daisy initiative, Christian Surfers (CS), will be building a simple and transferable template for the Paddle-a-thon fundraising event, with 100 percent of the donations going directly to the Merrick family. Donations will be received by the Christian Surfers either via check or via online donations.

Here are a couple of ways that you can get involved and show your support:

If you work in the industry: Make a donation or allow the use of your brand in promotional materials in order to create momentum and show your support for the Merrick family. Email company logos to Dean Plumlee at

If you’re a pro: Promote the event via your social media resources, like Twitter and Facebook. Better yet, get out on September 1st and attend a Paddle-a-thon event to show your support.

Regardless of who you are or what you do: Donate. Get out and paddle at the event. Show your love and support for Daisy and the Merrick family.