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Kelly Slater Celebrates his Tenth

It was a fun and relaxed monday night, Nov 29th, 2010, in a well furnished LA warehouse… 200 friends gathered to officially celebrate Kelly Slaters 10th world title win. Half of the people who attended in LA were also in Puerto Rico for the actual moment in history when he sealed the title. The mix of friends who came out to support on the brisk winter night were from all walks of life, all artists in their own way and fine mix at that. “I’ve always enjoyed getting people together”, says Kelly while on stage giving his thanks. Sal on the mic gave proper introductions to Bob McKnight and Terry Hardy and then later kept the party going while leading the tunes with spontaneous requests. Bob was obviously stoked to have Kelly on board as a team rider for Quiksilver and honored to have him as a friend. Terry presented Kelly with Eddie Vedders original copy of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” Album’s 10 millionth copy inscribed and designed to Kelly’s tenth title win. With another gift of Kelly’s dream car, the special edition Audi A4 Avant Wagon, he was beside himself. Couldn’t believe it was happening to him and grateful all the way. Jamming with Brett Dennon on bass, Dwight Yoakam and Steve Zeldin on guitar it was an epic night in the champs eyes for sure.

photos and story Branden Aroyan LowTideRsing.com