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Golden Years with Tim Curran

Today, several years removed from the hectic, whirlwind life on the ASP world tour, Ventura’s Timmy Curran is in a much different place. He spends most of his sessions in the water at home, bouncing around between the multitude of world-class beachbreaks and world-class pointsbreaks that he grew up on. Unexpectedly, he’s now championing a fairly successful music career, which helps keep the creative palette moist. But most of all, he’s now a proud papa, which as any father can attest to, changes everything. ESPN Surfing caught up with the back-flipping maestro at home, enjoying all that’s good about his golden years.

The joys of fatherhood, a full- blown music career, and your pro surfing gig, are you enjoying life off tour?
Well having a daughter has been the biggest blessing. We are so thankful, and knew that we would just have to make it work. It gets hard if I’m on a trip, especially anything over a few days. It all comes down to having an amazing wife that is able to pull it off when I’m gone. She’s the best.

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