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Chris Cote *Borrows The New Flyer

Chris Cote

I never had an original Channel Islands Flyer, but man, I wanted one. Thankfully, I know people (Dave Downing), so I was allowed to “borrow” a 5’6 New Flyer. I put the word “borrow” in parenthesis because the good people at Channel Islands are going to have to pry this New Flyer out of my cold dead hands if they want to get it back—this board goes insane and I’m keeping it! In smaller waves, this thing goes fast as heck and the hips in the tail keep it loose as a goose—perfect for actually doing good turns on small waves, oh and I did an air on my second wave riding it. If nobody hears from me for the next few years, that’s cause I’m on the run, with my New Flyer, surfing somewhere in Mexico where Dave and the CI crew can’t find me and take their board back, I just love it too much.—Chris Cote

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