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Can you give some advice on taking off on real steep, slabby waves or when they’re already pitching and you’re under the lip? — Bob West

When you’re surfing slabby waves, it’s the takeoff that sets it all up. And we’re talking seconds right? There’s no better practice for surfing than actually doing it. But if it’s not always an option, then I suggest doing exercises that will develop those muscles. First, you have to have a strong short burst of energy and commit when you see the wave that you want. There’s so much that can happen in such a short time, and I don’t think the public has a clue to how difficult surfing really is. I know that a lot of times people will stand up, but then lose their form and have their arms fly back or stand too erect; when you do that, you have to over-correct and pull your body parts back where they should be — and that can shave off that nanosecond that you needed to pull in. We’re (Surf Exercises) going to be putting out new exercise video before Christmas, which will help those specific muscles.

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